Ohio as America Professional Development Institute

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Monday July 22

8:00 AM  –  3:00 PM

This event is no longer on sale.

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What Happens If I Push This Button? – Explore Ohio as America

Presenter: Patrick Clark (Educational Marketing Specialist at Ohio History Connection)

For those new to Ohio as America, this is your chance to take a deeper look into our award-winning textbook’s features and functions and learn how to integrate it with our other powerful resources. While this presentation is ideal for teachers new to the textbook, if you’re an Ohio as America veteran, you can discover what we’ve updated and upgraded.


15 Ideas in 50 Minutes – Getting Creative in the Classroom 

Presenter(s): Mark Hubbe (Professor at OSU’s Anthropology Department) and Carla Mello (Manager, Ohio as America at Ohio History Connection)

In this fast-pace session, Ohio History Connection and OSU are collaborating to provide you with 15 ideas of activities, strategies and tools to promote curiosity, critical thinking and communication in the classroom.


College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies Standards 

Presenter: Ryan Suskey (Director of Programs at the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education)

The Inquiry Design Model (IDM) is a distinctive approach to creating curriculum and instructional materials that honors teachers’ knowledge and expertise and focuses on the main elements of the instructional design process. Learn how to implement this approach in your classroom.



Interpreting Ohio’s Earthworks through Archaeological and Indigenous Perspectives

Presenter: Jen Aultman (World Heritage Director at Ohio History Connection) and Marti Chaastsmith (Interim Director, Ohio State University Newark Earthworks Center

Two thousand years ago, the people of the Hopewell culture built vast earthen monuments using their deep understanding of nature, honoring their ancestors as they marked time with the sun and the moon. Learn about these awe-inspiring Ohio places, the effort to include them on the World Heritage List, the ways that American Indians today are rebuilding connections to them, and why contemporary indigenous knowledge helps us understand the past. Leave with practical, classroom-ready science and social studies activities and lesson ideas!


Connecting History, Engineering and Mathematics in the Classroom

Presenter(s): Jessica Va (Program Coordinator at COSI) and Carla Mello (Manager, Ohio as America at Ohio History Connection)

Integrating science and social studies curricula is easier than you think. With this engaging, and hands-on lesson plan you can combine Ohio as America content with STEM education. Students will be able to lean about Ohio inventors while working on an engineering design challenge suitable for 4th graders. A simple differentiation will incorporate knowledge on planning and budgeting. 


The Appalachian Stewards Curriculum - Connecting Life and Social sciences

Presenter: Joe Brehm (Environmental Education Director at Rural Action)

Did you know that American ginseng was one of the earliest marketable herbs to be harvested in this country? Ginseng still grows wild, but it was over-harvested in the mid-1970s and was subsequently defined as an endangered species. Come to this session to learn about the Appalachian Stewards curriculum, and the connection between 4th and 5th grade life sciences standards and social sciences.



Assessing, Grading and Managing Content – Digging Deep into Ohio as America! 

Presenter: Trevor Rhodes (Content Coordinator for Ohio as America at Ohio History Connection) 

This a flash advanced course on Ohio as America. If you have questions about managing assessments, grading, and additional features of our online curriculum, this is your chance to get information directly from our new content coordinator. Trevor is a former 4th grade social studies teacher with firsthand experience with the curriculum in the classroom.


Close Looking: Using Artworks as Primary Sources

Presenter(s): David Butler (artist and educator) and Molly Uline-Olmstead (Manager of Studio Initiatives) from the Columbus Museum of Art

Integrating arts into the social studies curriculum is an excellent way to allow students with diverse learning modalities to become more effective learners. Because artists respond to and impact the societies in which they live and create, the arts provide a window into other times and places. Learn easy ways to incorporate this interdisciplinary approach in your classroom.


One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure—For Real! 

Presenter: Linda Pansing (Archaeology Curator at Ohio History Connection)

View the incredible archaeological artifacts in the Following in Ancient Footsteps exhibit to learn about the first Ohioans, their stories and their objects. Marvel at the artistry of the early inhabitants of our state and discuss the importance of cultural context, and how it influences what we do and don’t know about early Ohioans. Oh, and learn how to read trash. 



Gossip Tour of Ohio Village 

A costumed interpreter will lead your group around the Ohio Village and explain to them what life would have been like for the residents of our recreated 19th century town.


Ohio – Champion of Sports Exhibit Tour

You can't tell the history of sports without talking about Ohio! This experience will guide you around our new exhibit and share some of the most interesting and important moments in Ohio sports history. 


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